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Being carried away by someone from time to time isn't bad at all. Or at least, that's what you've been thinking for several days. It seems that someone who wanted you to fall at their feet is getting it and you, even though you know it, keep letting yourself go.

It seems that you love all these new sensations that you are experiencing, to the point that you don't even mind moving on even knowing that you aren't behaving as you usually do, leaving behind the dominant side of your character.

Probably your path and that person's have crossed and remain together for a long time. If your instinct tells you that you have nothing to fear, the best thing you can do is trust yourself and let yourself be guided by your heart.


You may have no choice but to ask to leave and stay at home today, unable to go to work. The situation will be a nuisance and even more considering all the work you have pending.

This absence will catch your co-workers by surprise, who won't hesitate in calling you whenever they need it. You will have to attend to many issues on the phone and you won't be able to rest until you have everything more or less organized.

The truth is that you like your work and you feel very committed to your responsibilities, so that seeing you indisposed and not being able to attend them will be an added nuisance. However, working isn't everything in this life.


That evil that the stars had foreseen will make its appearance today. You will find yourself terribly ill, with some symptoms that will prevent you from even going to work.

Instead, you'll have to go straight to the hospital. Dizziness, nausea, headache and even fever will be some of the symptoms that you will have as soon as you wake up, since early in the morning.