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Leo Magic Horoscope for 6th June

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As far as love is concerned, you prefer to enjoy those moments prior to the culmination of a relationship than the dynamics that are created once the relationship has become stable.

This means that today you won't be able to avoid feeling the need to experience those sensations that the first days of a relationship produce. It's in the pre-infatuation phase where you most enjoy.

It seems that once again that hunter that you have inside begins to wake up, ready to do their thing. This time, remember that you should try a little harder if you want to have someone by your side who offers you their long-term company.


You'll begin to appreciate a situation of certain bad vibes at work. Maybe becoming a leader has only brought you problems, Leo: in certain sectors, there are people who, although they aren't capable of leading a team, can't stand being subordinates.

You thought you would receive some more respect, but the truth is that today that will seem impossible to achieve. Even if you change your attitude, you know that the response of your co-workers will be the same. You can't continue on the same line forever, you have to carry out a major change to improve your immediate future.


Your health could suffer certain stops of energy throughout the day. You will start strong, but suddenly you will suffer some slumps that will make it very complicated to face the day.

It may be a temporary sensation or you need to modify certain habits. If you're going to sleep too late, even for reasons that could be justified, the reality is that you will never get your energy back to its optimum levels.

The change will be worth, Leo, although you can only fulfill it for some time.