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The Monday January 22nd Leo Stars Prediction

Leo: Your Star Sign Revelations
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Your relationship will be marked by moments of passion, but your jealousy is growing as the person you have just met talks to you. Don’t let negative vibes take power on you and give your partner the space they ask for not to feel overwhelmed. 

After having had alarming moments with your family, by the end of the day you’ll find reconciliation. Discussions have reached the end and now you find out that there’s a distant relative with whom you share many things. Congratulations; you’ll find in that person a friend forever. 



After a weekend in which you have probably relaxed in excess, you’ll find it hard to go back to work, especially during the first hours. Provide yourself with an extra dose of motivation since there’s an unexpected professional meeting round the corner.

Also, you’re doing a long-term investment. Split your bank account into two parts and make sure not to take your savings to fund your professional issues. You’ll have more important compromises soon and you must be ready to face them efficiently.


The flu or the cold will let you carry on well art the beginning of this week, especially if you take infusions with honey or lemonade. Go ahead and do some exercise too. Take a risk and do some physic exercise although you won’t have the resistance you used to. 

Call off the new activity you wanted to try because too much effort is not beneficial for your health at all. This gap in your agenda will be replaced by a compromise you forgot. Additionally, you smile again to people because you feel well doing so.