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Monday January 29th Leo Stars Prediction

Leo: Your Star Sign Revelations
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Relationships don't consist of spending money for the other person. When you have to give gifts or you snap something brilliant for that person, you act as if your credit card was full of money. Sometimes you commit the mistake to think that the more you spend, the more love you show. You know that your partner appreciates these things and their smile is the best reward. However, don't forget those little details such as taking their hand or being on time for a date. In the end, these are the good ones.


No one can stop a motivated Leo. When the situation requires so, you give your very best. You know that as long as energy is with you, you'll easily reach your goals, as if you didn't have limits. Today, when you get to work, you'll need to be “mode on” to accomplish all your obligations and one of your colleague's too. Time will fly very quickly and at the end of the working day you'll feel great with yourself. For you, there's nothing like the feeling of having done all your tasks on time.


Controlling the thought which run through your mind is one of the hardest things you could face. When the situation comes up with feelings and personal issues, it's difficult for you not to be ruled by them and feel a kind of existential crisis. You're far too anxious due to overthinking about daily worries. Just relax. Shortly, with the fool moon, you'll feel much better.