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The Sunday January 21st Leo Stars Prediction

Leo: Your Star Sign Revelations

Leo: Your Star Sign Revelations | HoróscopoMá



Just like your partner's always on your side when you need them, now's the time to be strong and be their shoulder to cry on. Love really comes under the spotlight in times of hardship.

After a gloomy day and a rocky weekend, you'll enjoy a short but sweet -and intense- moment, just as long as you're a single Leo. The Zodiac King pulls out its claws and teeth to face relationship issues.

Anyone who sees you out with family will think you've lost your mind. They don't have to bear the brunt of your headaches, so make sure you express your inner rage properly.


Another day off which will be perfect to carry out your savings' plan. Sometimes, the best plans are those that don't need so much expense, like a meet-up with friends at home, a family luncheon or a business meeting that doesn't involve risky investments.

This way, an important celebration is coming up and it all points to its arrival any time next week. You'll be quite thankful because it will imply splashing some cash that you didn't intend to throw out. Don't be greedy and leave your wallet open for once. 


During the remainder of the weekend, you'll experience some health hardships and you'll think you can fall ill at any time given. It's just a sign of exhaustion, although you shouldn't leave yourself for last just in case.

Even though it's harder than usual, you know you should get back into smiling around, because that's been one of your greatest achievements up to date. Take up a new activity in your free time and you'll start to see a more positive attitude to life in yourself. Carry on!