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The Tuesday January 23rd Leo Stars Prediction

Leo: Your Star Sign Revelations
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The king of the Zodiac is not willing to have next to them someone who brings them down. Despite this, Leos know that, in some cases, they'd be keen on moving aside and letting that important person shine with their own light.

If you have taken this attitude lastly, it means that love has control over you and you are madly in love. It's not customary to see a sign looking for big roles give up. Clearly, the person you deeply love knows how to make the best of you shine.


Don't keep on fighting for that plan unless you are completely convinced. In financial issues you have a sixth sense which works perfectly and which has saved your economy more than once. Being the head of a such important field like the one you handle is a very hard task and requires wise and prudent people.

Luckily, you can keep your impulsive side apart as for labor matters. Today you'll need an extra dose of self-esteem. You'd better retire and study different possibilities as long as you don't see it very clear.


There's a kind of pain in your muscles which is directly related to a flu. As soon as you notice it you know something is not going well. Apart from these symptoms, you also feel fatigue, hunger loss and headaches. If you feel them you know there's nothing you casn do to solve this situation.

If you suffer from fever and sore throats, you'd better go to see a doctor immediately. you also know that the sooner you face it the easier it'll be to get well.