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Stereotypes have never caught your attention, it's not a thing you share and you don't believe in them. You don't let others' opinions have any influence on you and you find the best guideline for yourself, never mind what people might say.

Today you'll prefer to have an open relationship which will be more beneficial, although society don't have good feeling about this kind of relationship.

Going for a walk taking your partner's hand, eating with the family or moving from home to work doesn't mean everything. The lion king needs something else and it's very likely that today their way crosses with a person with whom they share many interests and worries.


There's a good chance for you to get extra incomings by the end of the month which will help your economy a lot. Of course, they'll be shaped into a new job or responsibilities to acquire.

An exceptional cooperation, although not permanent, might be more than enough to let you live a bit more comfortably. If you do it well, it's probable to move it from a short-period task to a long-term one.

Pay attention to the signs and as the morning moves on, remember that this opportunity will come up carried by a relative or a colleague from the past. Don't be afraid and talk about it if the topic shows up!


It's not until Wednesdays that you start seeing things from another perspective. Although you might think this is a dull day, it's when your energy reaches its ideal condition and you are more productive.

Today you might be surprised by crashing into a situation which is exactly the opposite you expected: you've got fever and your worst thought have been confirmed. You'll have to make an extra effort yo go to work today, but in the afternoon you'll need to go to the doctor and, if necessary, ask for the certificate for sick leave.