Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - LEO | Magic Horoscope



This month will be very positive for Leos. The first twenty days of the month belong to the related sign of Aries. Therefore, these days will be the most harmonic and favorable for you.

You’ll have great possibilities to re-establish your relationship that’s been worn out or perhaps lost. If you wish to restore that relationship, you’ll have to take advantage of the good disposition of numerous planetary energies in the signs of fire. They will give you joy and optimism to seal new alliances and encounters.

If you live with your partner, it’s a good time to make changes to your house or apartment to make it feel more like a home.

Single Leos may experience a magical love encounter during the first weeks of the month. You could meet a very different person that will introduce you to life you’ve never imagined. You might get in touch with new customs of others cultures or countries.

The stars promise better relationships with friends and family this month. Enjoying the calm in your heart is the guideline for April.

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Mars will be in a good angular state with your Sun and help you connect with friends or colleagues who have the same training or similar ideas regarding your profession.

Anything you work on this month will have certain benefits and energetic help from the stars. True vocation will be rewarded with success. Therefore, it’s essential that everything you do is in harmony with your ideas and vocation. If you are vibrating with disagreement and fear, you won’t be successful.

Those who are employed may ask for a promotion or pay raise during the first days of the month.

Issues related to sales, commerce or travel will be favored from April 17th.


This month will be favorable for fertility and healing processes. If you want to get pregnant, this month will be very positive for you.

If you need to undergo a medical treatment, these days and especially the first fortnight of the month will be perfect for that. From April 17th, if possible, avoid mouth and ear surgeries.

This month anything you do in order to improve your physical well-being will be rewarded, since the energy of the fire sign is related to good health. However, it has its negative side, too. Taking unnecessary risks without thinking about the consequences and certain recklessness could lead you to contusions or sprains.