Leo monthly horoscope for December 2019. | Magic Horoscope

Love: Control Your Ego and Love Will Flow

The aura of love, so typical of Christmas, will slip under your door and fill your days with romanticism. You may even consider having your first child or increasing your family. Your partner and you will share a special bond and you’ll be eager to surprise each other with little gifts.

However, this atmosphere of tenderness could come to an end if you aren’t more flexible regarding your plans and ideas, Leo. Remember that in a relationship you have to try to fit in with your better half and not impose your beliefs.

If you’re single, a co-worker will declare his or her love. Be cautious, Leo; this person has negative energy.

Pay special attention to delicate matters and family grudges at Christmas lunches and dinners. Otherwise, you could unwillingly start a discussion that will spoil everyone’s mood.

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Money: A Change of Course at Work

A congregation of planetary energies will affect your zone of work and routines. The eclipse will even magnify this influence. You’ll feel it in your soul: you’ll be eager to knock down old structures (employment that doesn’t make you happy) and build new pillars (a job closer to your true vocation).

It's a great month for you to set up your own project or company. If you put your heart in it, success is guaranteed. Although you may not see the results immediately, the changes will bear fruit in the long term.

Venus will encourage sensory excesses, so you’ll spend more money than expected on food and clothing. If you don't have any savings, the January slope will be Everest for you.

Health: A Balanced Diet

You’ll realize that you have to change your habits and take your health more seriously. You’ll be able to follow any diet that you’ll come up with. However, remember that a healthy diet is a balanced one, full of vegetables, legumes and fruit.

An exercise that will make you move to the rhythm of the music will improve your mood and make you feel more optimistic and happy.

On a mental level, December will be a stressful month in work matters but relaxing and positive regarding love and relationships.