Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - LEO | Magic Horoscope


The New Moon promises new love relationships. This month Leos could get involved in a new long-term relationship. Romance, dating, courtship and seduction will prevail this month for those born under the Leo sign.

The presence of Jupiter in the fire sign is likely to increase the possibilities of romance for Leos. The future holds hope and good prospects for you.

The promises of love and happiness will be present especially at the beginning of the month.

Planetary movements in Pisces, which is Leo’s area of intimacy, promise a passionate and intense sexual life and lots of imagination to spice it up.

Those who are already engaged in a stable relationship should take advantage of this astrological disposition to revive passion and seduction and intensify their sexual life through tantric techniques or amatory games.

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This month favors Leos a lot. There will be certain movements in the area of inheritance and money sharing so you’re likely to get news of successions or societies that will bring benefits to you. You may not receive money immediately but it’ll happen in a short term.

Jupiter and Mars in perfect aspects with the Leonine Sun augur a great month for Leos. You’re destined to achieve success and recognition in your discoveries, businesses and artistic events you’ll take part in. Your energy and growth will benefit your new ventures and ideas.

Venus will make you think about what you want in terms of your daily life and work, and will help you find new ways to carry out routine tasks.

The visit of the goddess of desire will help those who are unemployed to get in touch with the companies you’d like to work for.


Those born under the sign of Leo will have some problems regarding emotional health. You’re experiencing feelings of loneliness and limitation that you’re not used to.

Leo’s natural charm and the tendency to be surrounded by a small group of friends or workmates will shift. This month you could contact with your deepest desires through a therapy. Stop escaping and start looking inward.

You may suffer hip bone pain which could affect your base chakra.