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Leo Magic Horoscope Prediction for January

Your Horoscope for January 2019
Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - LEO l Magic Horoscope



This month you may forget how much effort you've put in getting where you are today. How much you’ve done to stick together with your partner. However, Leo, don't forget to give yourself some well-deserved credit or you will end up believing that you deserve the worst.

If possible, stop analyzing every action, word and gesture. Allow yourself to enjoy the present. This month will be very active when it comes to relationships; you may argue one moment and have a passionate reconciliation the other.

Dealing with the money issues will be like stepping on a minefield and it’ll be difficult to discuss things without hurting each other. Don’t get carried away by the bad vibes, this is temporary, you’ll soon be able to have a civilized conversation again.

Single Leos should be getting ready for some hot days. You’ll be surrounded by entertainment; all you’ll have to do is go with the flow feeling attractive and sexy. Enjoy being the center of attention and take care of your image.

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You’ll demonstrate your leadership skills and you’ll be acknowledged by your bosses and colleagues. Leos of the first decan will have many opportunities regarding their studies, training and travelling. A new work trip may be awaiting you which will open up new horizons at work.

These possibilities of growth are accompanied by some risks which you’ll have to assume. Nobody said it was easy to live outside the box. That’s what growing and maturing is all about.

Towards the end of the month you’ll receive late payments or bonuses that will improve your budget. Allocate a percentage of those to savings; it’ll help you when facing new family burdens.

If someone at work needs your collaboration in a new project, don’t give it a second thought. You’ll be ahead of your competition.


You can see the result of the excessive eating on your scale. The season has been full of intense get-togethers and tensions. Leos born in the first decan might suffer from fluid retention in addition to gaining weight.   

You’ll have to try to live on foods low in calories and fat to regain your ideal weight.

You could start by setting weekly goals. Adjust your schedules and responsibilities in a way that you can have an hour for exercise. Drink plenty of fluids and don’t forget that you need to hydrate yourself even if you don’t notice it.

Go step by step in order not to get frustrated. Your body will be grateful.

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