Leo Monthly Horoscope for July

Your Horoscope for July 2019
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This month it’ll be very important that you empty your heart of emotional garbage. You’re about to start a new year of your life and it’ll be positive for you to get rid of negativity and unhealed pain that you’ve been dragging.

Maybe you’re one of those Leos who stay in their unsatisfactory relationship due to the fear of changes. You might be afraid that after you split up with your partner you’ll feel worse than before. If you have doubts, you’ll have to analyze your consciousness and try to find your inner truth. When you know what your heart wants, you’ll be able to make small changes during this month that will lead you to a new position.

The sun will enter your sign on the 20th of July and you’ll feel much more joy and energy. You’ll welcome the change since at the beginning of the month you’ll be thoughtful and self-absorbed due to your confusing feelings.

Towards the end of the month, Venus will enter your sign and bring you happiness and ability to enjoy life more than ever. The last weekend of the month will be full of romance and fun. Unforgettable days are awaiting you, Leo. Singles may meet the love of their life!

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It’ll be a very productive and intense month for those born under your sign. You may be surrounded by aggressive competence in your workplace. The presence of the planet Mars in your sign throughout the month may attract certain disagreements. If you know how to handle this situation and turn arguments into bold actions, you’ll be benefited.

This month will be full of big opportunities and movement. It’s a perfect time to sign contracts, write letters, visit people who can benefit you and move with a sense of freedom and progress.

If you’re self-employed, don’t miss the opportunity to promote your business, make advertising plans or boost innovative actions regarding your customers.

Mars passes your sign once every two years. Therefore, it’s essential that you take advantage of its influence for your growth and progress.


This month will be so intense and active that it’ll be very important to take care of your health. The transit of Mercury may alter your nervous system as well as benefit certain respiratory pathologies. Planetary alignment may cause sinus pain or even respiratory tract infection.

You’ll have to be especially careful with temperature changes and strengthen your immune system taking up physical activity.