Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - LEO
Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - LEO | Magic Horoscope



This month there is a lot of astrological energy regarding your hidden enemies and problems you can’t see. Therefore, the stars show that June will be a quite tense and dark month.

If you have secrets, you have to be very careful, since they may be revealed. This could lead you to loneliness or moral judgement that you don’t want to go through.

You may have to redesign what you really want in life. It’s like two timelines have crossed each other and all your experiences in one of them have been lost. For this reason you’ll have to take a new clear direction that may lead you to lose some familiar things but gain peace and quiet.

The moment has come to face certain things that don’t let you grow and are no longer valid.

Your sexual life will be highly stimulated by planetary positions in the sky. You’ll enjoy sex to the fullest since you’ll learn new techniques that you didn’t know existed.

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Life will be showing its nuances and this month you’ll have to focus on things you dislike and are affected by, Leo. There are some issues in your professional life that are not pleasant and affect your experiences negatively. However, before you make drastic changes, it’s important you measure every detail.

If you are dependent on your boss or workmates, you probably put up with their bad mood, envy or toxic attitudes. Therefore, it’s normal that you feel affected and upset. Before making changes, remember your debts and payments you still have to make.

The transit of the planet Venus is in a good astral aspect with your Sun. This will favor your money matters. You have to be intelligent and take advantage if this potential.

Your capacity and strategy will help you take a leap in your finances. It’s important you don’t take unnecessary risks or act on impulse.


Your general health will be optimal. However, Magic Horoscope suggests you take special care of your diet.

You don’t notice it, but your food portions are usually bigger than they should be. It’s not about gaining weight, but it can affect your circulatory system very negatively. Remember that it has a big influence on the distribution of oxygen in your body. If you eat to relieve your anxiety, get help as soon as possible.