Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - LEO | Magic Horoscope


Leos will start a complicated period with Uranus entering in Taurus. This will make those born in the first deanery consider if they’re going the right way or if it’s time to make some changes to their daily routine.

Your partner will be affected by this issue and the integrity of the relationship could be at stake if you don’t stop to reflect about it. Uranus is a revolutionary planet, so be especially careful not to react too aggressively when searching for your own freedom and independence.

Learn to be patient, be careful about things you say and don’t end the relationship because you feel angry or annoyed with your everyday life.

Towards the end of the month, you’ll feel less irritated and more melancholic and confused. Don’t worry; soon you’ll find out what’s the best for you.

For single Leos it’s not the best month to start a relationship or date someone new.

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Too much stress and responsibility could put your patience to the test this month and lead you to lose control, which you will regret later.

If teamwork is very important in your workplace, you’ll have to be more tolerant, since some people might make you really angry.

When it comes to money, you’ll have an opportunity to increase your income, or perhaps extra money will come into your bank account.

The black moon from your opposite sign could lead you to commit reckless actions that can go wrong.  Beware of scams and tricksters that could confuse you with a fake business.

Your lucky numbers for this month are 7 and 72. Both are power numbers that may help you achieve great accomplishments. They encourage you to trust the steps you take day by day towards your goals. Follow them, Leo.


If you don’t stop thinking and feeling nervous, your energy and health will deteriorate. You can’t keep your mind busy all the time. You have to look for moments and techniques to make anxiety and repetitive thinking go away.

Your state of mind may affect your blood pressure; you could start breathing too quickly and end up having a nervous breakdown.

Anxiety leads to numerous health problems that become chronic over time, so you should seek help when it comes to feeling stressed and nervous. A therapist may be able to help you if you can't do it on your own.

“Qigong” or “Chi Gung” is a very healthy option. It’s a system of self-cultivation, meditation and energy enhancing exercise which coordinates stillness, movement and breath.