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The Annual Horoscope for Leo for 2018

The prediction for Leo for 2018.
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Those born between 23 July and 22 August or under the Leo sign, are ruled by the Sun and this will help 2018 to come charged with stability and good vibrations in all aspects of their life.

You'll have the opportunity to enjoy new experiences and do some of the things that you have always dreamed of. A lot of the problems that you've been carrying with you for a while now will finally be resolved.


Love will be the rock in your life and a fundamental part of your daily life. Having a caring and understanding partner will give you the impulse that you need to face daily tasks and you'll feel more united when you're with this person.

You'll feel like you're with the right person, something that could make Leos want to take the next step in their relationships. This would be an excellent decision.

When it comes to sex, whether you're single or in a relationship, you'll be quite active. Singles will start off the year especially attractive to others and they won't hesitate to make the most of this situation to have new experiences and enjoy the freedom of testing out their different possibilities.


When it comes to family, Leos will have to remember that sometimes they're a bit demanding and that without realizing it, they've built a barrier between them and their loved ones that they'll need to topple over.

On the other hand, Jupiter's influence will lead them to experience moments of happiness as well, possibly due to the arrival of new family members. This could mean partners, weddings, or even births.


Leo's finances will remain stable and this means that if the situation is delicate, it will continue to be, at least for the first half of the year. A change in work could bring improvements, but the truth of the matter is that you'll still have to wait a while in order to make a big investment.


They should put extra effort into friendships, since they could end up helping you on a professional level. Leos will also receive several job offers and they should think over their decision carefully: if they choose wisely, it's possible that they could finally find the job that makes them feel valued for their knowledge and what they bring to the table at the company.

A good working environment will be extra motivation and this will make them feel that they've found their place, something that will lead them to put off all of their plans to start a business on their own.


Having a certain sense of stability in life will have direct repercussions on the state of Leo's health, and especially on their nervous systems, leaving all of the problems like stress and anxiety whose symptoms wouldn't allow them to move on before, behind.

Starting in the second half of the year, the king of the Zodiac will decide to try a healthier lifestyle and the cosmos will be favorable for weight-loss and thus physical transformations. Thanks to its benefits, those that have health chronic health problems, will be able to keep them at bay.

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