Leo Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Monday 2nd April by Magic Horoscope

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During these first days of April your love situation will go through a very monotonous stage. In your relationship, everything is under control and although you could spend more time together, it's not something that particularly disturbs you.

The single Leos don't have the favor of Venus and these days they should investigate more in themselves, value themselves and learn to enjoy their own company.

It will be possible for you to finally dedicate a little time to your family, there are certain people who are looking forward to receiving your love and it is always good to strengthen those bonds and family ties. A good way to make up for lost time is by visiting or calling more often if they live far away from you.


Money is something necessary to make good gifts and the truth is that having so many birthdays in sight makes you lose your way a bit. Discovering that maybe your salary doesn't allow you to pay everything you had planned will make you feel a little miserable.

Love isn't shown with expensive gifts, that is a thing of the past. Now the important thing is to be with that person and show your feelings day after day.

They say that intention is what counts, so get down to business: hand-made gifts are destined to succeed and for this you don't have to spend a large amount of money.


You have an enviable aspect and people near you don't understand why you don't have a good impression of yourself. You probably look better than a few years ago and the truth is that there is little chance that a disease will affect you so much that you have to go to hospital.

Stop worrying about these things, the past has passed and no matter how hard you try to identify the same symptoms, that ailment is no longer there. Self-confidence may have a lot to say in your case, until it doesn't rise to the top you won't feel better.

It depends on the day, but in general, you should be grateful for your good health and enjoy more of the things you like.