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When you shine and spread your luminous energy, everything gets transformed and your life becomes more meaningful. This week you can expect great blessings when it comes to your sentimental life.

In the middle of the week you may face a situation which will negatively affect people you really love. You will have to lend your support and help that person by doing your best.

At the weekend try to avoid arguments because you could hurt your significant other and then regret it. Think twice before pronouncing hurtful words.

You'll learn not to mix your family and couple matters, especially if you're starting a relationship.

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Your business and professional projections will be successful. You’ll feel proud of the way you have channeled your work. You could be rewarded or praised by your superiors.

Planetary alignments indicate a possibility of venturing into new trends of e-commerce. You’re lucky because all your affairs will be guided by good fortune. Make sure you organize your work step by step to achieve the success you are looking for. If you act carelessly, you could miss out on some important details.

You’ll have some unexpected expenses and be penniless at the weekend. It’s likely that you won’t have any cash to spend. If you can do your weekly shopping before Friday, go for it.

Planetary alignments will lead you to some surprising situations and there’s not much you can do about it.  


Your health will be harmonious and good in general. However, your sweet tooth may lead you to some minor problems.

You’ll be tempted to eat sweets and pastries during all week which will result in weight gain. You’ll feel very bad about it later and blame yourself for your weakness.

Your body shape says a lot about you. You don’t have to give up desserts and other delicacies, but don’t get carried away by your desires. Watch what you eat and enjoy yourself. Balance is the key to happiness.