When it comes to love, your week will be a little shady, Leo. There will be ups and downs in your relationship due to the interference of the third parties. Your partner will have to be firm and not let their ex bother them. On Saint Valentine’s Day, you’ll make up and enjoy a romantic getaway in the mountains. At the weekend, the tables will turn and you’ll be attracted to someone with magnetic aura.

Single Leos will think that in order to be happy and fulfilled they have to find a partner. It may lead you to start a new relationship that won’t last.

Take advantage of Sunday to play video games with your partner, friends or children. A little bit of competition and laughter will be a perfect way to end this busy week.

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This week at work will remind you of climbing an uphill. Malicious rumours about your company, order cancellations, stressful negotiations with the customers, accumulated tasks, working overtime and disagreements between employees and bosses won’t make it easy. You’d obviously rather be drinking caipirinhas in Miami Beach, but be patient and have a good rest at the weekend to regain your strength.

You’re about to start recovering your money. You’ll be even able to open a savings account, as you’ll manage to put aside more money than expected. However, if you decide to spend some of this money, make sure it’s on something you need. Don’t let your impulsiveness take over you.


Stress and anxiety will strike again this week, which will lead you to constant snacking. Your muscles will be very tight, which may cause backaches. Magic Horoscope suggests you take a bowl of fruit to work so you don’t fill up on chips or doughnuts. Do some stretching exercises and have a relaxing bath instead of a quick shower in the evening.

At the weekend, Mars will enter your health zone and overload you with energy. You’ll focus on improving your eating and exercise habits to avoid illnesses and gain greater vitality and strength.