Leo Weekly Horoscope for 10 - 16 June

Magic Horoscope’s most important predictions for this week
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Destiny will lead you to risky situations in your romantic life. That person may make you fall in love and feel on cloud nine. However, if one of you is involved with someone else, it won’t work out. You know that one of you will end up with a broken heart.

Don’t let fun and excitement carry you away. Everything seems mysterious at the beginning until the power of mundane brings you back to reality. Decide if it’s true love or just a game.

Planetary alignments in the sky show that Leos will be absorbed by sexuality that will stimulate eroticism and bedroom games.

Towards the weekend your family life may turn into hell. Arguments will play the main role and any comment will lead to conflict, reproach or anger.

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Take advantage of the astral effluents to carry out procedures and matters that require tedious visits to banks or administrative institutions. No one likes taking care of these issues and you’re no exception. You’ll waste some productive time.

You don’t usually tell jokes or play tricks on your colleagues at work since you know that it usually ends badly. A playful comment today could lead your workmate to disrespect you tomorrow. Don’t be surprised if that happens since the rogue Mercury will be acting up in the sky and you’ll be exposed to possible gossip and mockery.

The best thing is to turn a deaf ear and remain indifferent to such people who don’t deserve even a little of your attention.

Project your energy into productive matters. You’re coming up with a brilliant idea that is about to come to light. If you work on it with patience and perseverance, it’ll definitely be a success.


You’ll give in to the temptation to eat whatever you want and this will lead you to suffer from certain ailments.  You usually don’t think about the consequences of eating foods that harm your health. Digestive disorders appear immediately when you abuse the quantity or quality of your food.

Your health mainly depends on how much you take care of it. It’s time you understood it and put it into practice by looking more after yourself.