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The Sun in your complementary opposite sign Aquarius makes you see the reflection of some aspects of your personality that you find difficult to control.

You’d like to change some things about you, especially the pride that makes it hard for you to admit your mistakes when you’re wrong. You want to learn to apologize.

The first step is willingness, Leo, and you have good intentions. Don’t be afraid to talk to your partner and tell him/her about the difficulties you’re facing. They will give you all their support.

Towards the weekend things will get better. Your celebration of Saint Valentine’s Day will be luxurious. Get your body and heart ready to unfold all the passion available for that day. You’ll be surprised with a marvelous present.

Don’t forget to visit your family on Saturday or Sunday. You’ll receive all the love you deserve.

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This week you’ll have to face lots of tension. If you make a great effort, you could victoriously overcome all problematic and conflictive situations. However, remember that you’re not infallible.

Don’t establish competitive relationships; share your space highlighting the talents that everyone has.

The partners or colleagues who you work side by side with could ask you for a change or modification in dynamic at work. Don’t get angry and listen to what they have to say.

Leos who are just starting their career have good star aspects to launch independently a commercial project linked to technology or social networks. Take advantage of the astral impulse.

Your lucky number this week is 51, which will guide you towards harmony and a state of inner peace and beauty. Innovative ideas in the area of communication will favor your work.


Rest and hydration are key when it comes to your health. Be careful not to eat excessively spicy or salty foods. Stay hydrated and focus on eating a balanced diet. Your kidneys will thank you.

Control blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Think about how much your kidneys do for you.

It could be your weak point this week. If your ankles and eyelids are swollen when you wake up you may need to drink more fluid.

Kidneys are considered the candle of life and the reservoir of vital energy according to Chinese medicine. Bad eating and drinking habits may hurt your kidneys.  Are you doing something to excess?