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The days of sadness and misunderstandings are over for Leos. A new way of life is awaiting you, especially if you were born under the second decan. You’ll learn to be less sensitive towards others’ actions. You’ll start a new stage in your love life. Your confidence and self-esteem will increase, which has nothing to do with pride.

If you’re single, this will undoubtedly be a great week for you. You’ll understand important things about yourself and see how easy it is to seduce others by simply acting naturally. There is no need to pretend to be someone else. A very special person will come along.

Your sexual life will be great this week. It could be the best period this month regarding passion. You’ll feel confident and in a good shape, which will make you forget about your physical imperfections and insecurities. Give in to passion and desire.

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During the first few days of the week things won't go as expected. You’ll face some obstacles and your issues will take longer than expected.

Some people who you counted on will disappear and this will make you worry about the stability and security of your income.

Don’t worry, Leo. As something goes away, another takes its place. This is the law of evolution. If everything remained still and motionless forever, you could not grow in any aspect of your life.


The state of your body is a reflection of your soul and mind. What is going on in the subconscious mind is being played out by our body. So if you firmly believe in your goals and ambitions, your mind will help you take all the necessary steps to achieve an optimal state of welfare.

You’ll succeed if you focus all your attention on everything you do and follow a conscious plan.

On the other hand, Leos who suffer from digestive problems will get better as the days of the week go by.

Allergic rhinitis is an astrological trend for your sign between Thursday and Sunday. Drink plenty of orange juice and lemonade.