Leo Weekly Horoscope for 12 - 18 August

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You’ll have a very romantic and passionate week. The vitality of your sign combined with the Moon in Scorpio will ignite the bonfire of passion in your heart and in your bedroom. It’s time to make your deepest fantasies come true.

There will be many changes and their outcome will depend on your attitude and willingness to be happy and have a good time. The stars will be on your side and you have to take advantage of the providential good energy that comes to your sign in this cycle.

If you’re single, don’t stay locked up at home! You’ll have an opportunity to start a very nice relationship with someone you already know but have never perceived their tender and affectionate feelings. It might be someone at work or a person you study with and share your love for books. Look around!

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Those Leos who are unemployed and looking for a job or want to change their position for a more profitable one will get some good news this week.

Avoid putting off work that you don’t like; otherwise, it’ll accumulate and you’ll still have to face it sooner or later. Do it as soon as possible and let go of the pressure and anxiety it generates in your head.

There is someone in your company who wants your position. Protect yourself from bad vibes and don’t let this person attack you. You’re not this kind of person and that’s why you find it hard to imagine that there are people around you who have such negative purposes.

Don’t forget that there are very bad people in your workplace whose only desire is to hurt you.


The presence of the planet Mars in your sign will keep benefiting you with its power and vitality.

The only problem this vitality could lead you to is overdoing physical exercise. You could pull a muscle even walking home from work.

Try to control yourself and your vitality in order not to suffer from contractures and the loss of productivity in case you had to stay at home resting.

Start the week thanking for your good health and optimism. Despite all the difficulties, you look great!