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At first glance it seems that this week the hearts of Leos will grow and widen. Planetary transits favor them and promise a possibility to meet and make up with very dear people.

You should focus on your emotions and positive thoughts. If you disperse your mental energy, you’re likely to lose your objectives.

Many people want you to get distracted to take what’s yours. Don't be fooled and remember that you and your affections come first.

Magic Horoscope warns you about the danger of trusting sweet-talkers.  Their compliments are often signs of envy and hidden evil intentions.

You’ll learn to detect your enemies this week, accompanied by disappointments and surprises.

Single Leos may find new love in someone you’ve been fond of for a long time.

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The first days of this week won’t be the best regarding your economy or work. You’ll overcome difficulties with the help of your friends and allies. However, you’ll also have to put a lot of effort and consequently suffer from tension and tiredness.

Towards the weekend things will start to get better. Your issues will be taken care of, and you might even receive a sum of money you haven’t expected.

Nothing is too complicated or difficult if you have planned the steps you have to take to achieve the goals of your profession.

It’ll be a good weekend to dream and connect with your intuition.


In general your health is great and you feel energetic and vital. There aren’t many people who have your vitality and ability to perform. You never get tired; however, this week you may be absorbing too little magnesium, which may cause various symptoms.

Magnesium deficiency is quite common so if you have headaches, fatigue, tachycardia, sudden mood swings or cramps, or feel lazy, you could be suffering from this problem.

You could go to your pharmacy and ask for some supplements with minerals to raise your general state to its optimal level.