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Your partner and you are both equally guilty for pronouncing bitter words and causing arguments. Now it’s time to clear the air and calm down. Don’t despair! Establishing a harmonious relationship is never easy and it may take a lot of your energy. You may even feel unable to do it because you feel that the truth of your heart is misinterpreted and the Universe doesn’t help you to be happy.

If you think that all your words are carried away, you’re wrong. Every time you let anger take over you, you’re putting a new brick of sadness in your life.

If you manage to turn anger and annoyance into communication and understanding, you’ll find a way out which will benefit both of you.

Towards Friday you’ll be eager to shout your love from the rooftops. If you haven’t proposed yet, it’s a good moment to do so!

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Not everything is going wrong. This week everything related to your finances will run smoothly in the direction of success. Leo, you’re about to enter your zodiacal month and the stars will bring you all sorts of benefits.

However, if you trust your luck too much and don’t take possible setbacks of fate into account, you may get in trouble. Therefore, learning to prevent problems and observe the environment can help you increase your income and improve your professional situation.

On Thursday and Friday, you’ll be favored by the stars which will make you feel joyful and enthusiastic. You’ll be able to reach your goals with effort and persistence.

Your lucky numbers this week are 12, 33 and 41. Trust their energy to get wisdom and calm that will take you to the top.  


When you let others’ thoughts, words and feelings affect you, you’re acting in a very unhealthy way. Leo, your health depends on your attitudes. It’s not only about eating well, increasing fiber intake and drinking more fresh water and fewer fizzy drinks. It's what feeds your mind and heart on a daily basis that really matters. You may be neglecting your healthy lifestyle by letting negative people influence your daily life with their bitter comments, criticisms, depression and other unpleasant things.

You don’t have to abandon people around you when they’re having a hard time. The problem lies in starting to take care of everything.

Protect your thoughts in order to lead a full life.