Leo Weekly Prediction for 18-24 February

Magic Horoscope's most important news for this week
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During this week you’ll feel how powerful your charisma and magnetism can be. Someone least expected will be aware of everything you do and may surprise you with a declaration of love or at least with passion and physical desire. It is your Leo aura that causes these situations. You don't have to do too much to attract everyone’s attention and admiration.

Towards the middle of the week, the bad lunar influence will lead to discussions and an overly critical and damaging attitude towards your relationships. Be more humble. There are still things you have to learn. If you continue having this attitude, not only you’ll hurt your partner, but also get involved in unnecessary arguments.  

Stand back for a short time and you’ll see that the defects you notice in others is nothing more than a reflection of your own shortcomings.

Focusing on love will help you defeat these complicated moments.

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This week those born under the sign of Leo will feel restless and willing to make changes to their routine. Boredom will lead you to consider moving house or changing your job. However, don’t get carried away by your impulses. First make sure your change is well organized, beneficial and profitable. 

Sometimes we feel trapped in our routine. However, remember that everything in time becomes repetitive and may cause apathy.

Try to be more humble and loving at work with people that you share your space with, since the stars lead you to show your hostile and nervous part of personality that doesn’t really represent you or show the way you feel.


During this week you should appeal to your feline instincts. Protect your time, feed your inner life and make a space for solitude. This way you’ll be able to make contact with your intuition and your innate capacity for self-healing.

The number of people in our society who place an enormous value on the physical appearance is overwhelming. Don’t be distracted or confused by those unhealthy tendencies that can put your health at risk.

The astral aspects of this week suggest that you focus less on outer looks and more on your inner self. A strong inner self means that you can handle your emotions, see your values clearly, and feel a purpose in life.