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This week will start with an announcement in your family that will fill your heart and soul with joy. Good news must be celebrated and shared since it doesn’t happen every day. Don’t forget to be grateful when something good happens in your family. You’ll enjoy sharing very happy moments.

This week's planetary alignments generate the possibility for those born under your sign to enjoy reconciliations and nights of passionate encounters. On the other hand, beware of jealousy. You may experience the feelings of mistrust and fear of losing your loved one.

If you go through moments of emotional distance, it’ll have to do with this astral influence. Don't be afraid of being abandoned or losing your partner. This transit will soon pass.

Leos who are single should be very careful. If there’s someone you like, approach this person calmly without suffocating or chasing him/her too intensely.

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The retrograde aspects of Mercury could make you feel confused all week long. Misplaced papers, hidden computer files and even computer viruses will delay your work and complicate everything. Therefore, Leo, you’ll have to be patient and ready to deal with these situations.

The routine will be killing you. You’ll be eager to ty new ways to do things, but it’s not the right time for that and your ideas won’t be accepted.

You’d better stick to the old ways. There is no escape for now and if you add a touch of creativity and good humor, everything will go much better.

You may imagine and design a different community life with new activities that would contribute to everyone’s well-being. Be sure that the reward will come when least expected.


Towards the weekend you’ll have so much vital energy, you won’t know what to do. The best way to get rid of anxiety is to do physical exercise.

You’ll have a mixture of ideas in your head and it’ll make you feel very nervous. You’re going through a tough moment and you need some inner peace.

Take a notebook or a diary and write down everything that comes to your mind. You'll feel better getting things out of your head, and off of your chest. It’ll help you relax.