Weekly Horoscope for Leo. | Magic Horoscope


Arguments with your partner may make you want to break up with him/her. Sometimes you imagine yourself living on your own in peace, not having to explain your actions to anybody and you think you’d be happier that way. This may happen because you don’t know how to express your affective needs efficiently, Leo.

In the midweek, things will change and the atmosphere will become more romantic and tender. You may even consider having a child or increasing your family if you’re already a parent. You’ll lick your wounds and decide to love again with all your strength.

If you’re single, a workmate will tell you that he/she is into you. However, you don’t like this person at all, so you’ll reject him/her in a nice way. Your colleague will take it so badly, that he/she will try to turn everyone at work against you inventing rumours and creating conflicts.

This week, a friend who lives far away will get in touch with you and make you very happy.

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You’ll have to make short business trips on a regular basis. However, those days when you work in your office you’ll be able to leave work on time thanks to your great efficiency and discipline. In any case, your body is asking you for an urgent holiday.

If you have a business of your own, a person you know will offer you to participate in a local project of great repercussion. Getting involved could be very beneficial for your company. In addition, high budget figures that you delivered days ago will be approved by your customers.

You should check your friends because there is someone who is taking advantage of your kindness and only calls you when he/she needs something from you.


Your eyesight has been worrying you for months. You don’t see from afar as well as before but you keep making excuses and putting off going for an eye test. It’s time to get serious about it; otherwise, your eyesight will continue worsening.

Eating off the clock doesn't do your body any good, and much less if you have a late-night dinner followed by unhealthy snacks. You should add more vegetables to your diet and plan your mealtimes better.