Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


This week harmony will prevail in everything related to love, especially in the relationship with your children and siblings. Your family meetings will go smoothly and everyone will be eager to share.

Every family member will be vibrating positive energy. These are the moments that are worth remembering and you must know how to take advantage of them so that communicating and sharing your emotions is easier and simpler than ever.

You won’t let malicious comments influence you. It may be hard to believe, but there are people around you who don’t wish you well and would like to see you lonely and unhappy.

Resisting the blows of fate will not only strengthen your character but also help you appreciate every aspect of your life more.

Towards the weekend, you’ll receive blessings you’ve been waiting for a long time. Good news for you, Leo!

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Magic Horoscope recommends you take action in everything related to your work and finances. When the stars are on your side it’s the best moment to chase luck and benefit from everything the Zodiac leads you to, Leo.

You’ll receive only positive news this week. All you have to do is thank the Universe for the wonders that are coming into your life. Of course, it has a lot to do with your effort, but at the same time, the planets located in the Virgo zone of the Zodiac will favor you.

All astral resources will be there to help you make profitable investments this week.

You may even reward yourself with a gift or make one of your wishes come true. You’ve earned it.


Positive aspects that make Jupiter a great planet of luck to your Sun will lead you to vitality and optimal physical health. This week you can allow yourself to do everything you want to: work until late, do sports, go out with your friends at night. You’ll have enough energy and strength to reach all your goals.

Even if you’ve been ill lately and are undergoing medical treatment, it’ll be more successful than any doctor could have predicted. You’ll feel better in no time.

Leos who are trying to conceive can count on the help of the stars to get pregnant. Fertility will be favored.