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Leos who are married or have their own family may have to face various conflicts this week. You’ll have to try to avoid them by all means.

It looks like a bomb is going to explode in your family life. Some people will disrespect you and challenge you by disobeying your decisions. It’s not like the gates of hell are going to open, but you may be blinded by anger.

It’ll be very important to control your impulses to avoid making things worse.

Towards the weekend you’ll be tempted to get carried away by seduction games. You’ll get involved in flirting that will be difficult to stop. Are you sure you want to have an affair with this person? Think twice before you act.

Negative planetary aspects may lead you to scandals. Be very careful!

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You’ve planted some seeds of conflict in very fertile soil and now you may have to gather the harvest. Many of difficult situations that you’ll encounter this week are linked to unfinished duties in the past that have returned so you can solve them.

You character will help you face these difficult situations. People who love you will give you a hand. They may lend you some money or their support to show their unconditional loyalty. This will mean a lot to you and it’ll end up strengthening your relationships.

Those who have to sit an important exam or present their thesis will get good marks if they put the necessary effort into it.

You’ll get a surprise at the weekend. Don’t overspend; be careful with money.


During such conflictive days it’s normal to lose your nerve and burst out in anger.

It won’t be easy for you to cope with so much stress and this is something that will affect your whole body.

Blood pressure, sleep and digestion are likely to be the most affected parts of your body.

Try to relax, visit a friend, go to the movies or for a walk in the park. You need to distract yourself from your problems.

No matter what happens, give yourself some space to find a peace of mind. It’ll benefit you.