Leo Weekly Prediction for 21-27 January

Magic Horoscope's most important news for this week
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This week you’ll enjoy the presence of good fortune and love in a sign of fire.

Venus and Jupiter in the friendly sign of Sagittarius will enlighten those born under your sign and bless you with love and friendship this week.

In the next few days, sexuality, passion and tenderness will be part of your daily life. Don’t let envy or inappropriate comments spoil your mood or fill you with doubts.

You know very well what makes you happy and how to enhance it.

Single Leos may expect a subtle love gesture from someone close to them who will manifest himself/ herself timidly. Paying attention to even the smallest signs could bring you a big surprise.

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A new and a little quirky economic proposal will seem very tempting and easy. Be careful and analyze all the details. Perhaps you could ask for advice from someone in your environment who knows more about these issues than you.

It’s a good week to buy some clothes as well as supplies or objects that you need for your development and profession.

Take care of your energy because you’re surrounded by people whose sadness and complains may disturb and deplete your auric field.

Magic Horoscope recommends that you use some kind of pleasant protection that you’re familiar with.  

Some of your lucky numbers this week are 81 and especially 45. Follow them.


You won’t face big health problems this week. Throughout the week you should balance the amount of work, recreation, and rest in order to stay fully functional.

Your eyes and skin will be very sensitive, so you should stick to your good habits and stay away from smoke and pollution. There are many natural skincare products that you could try to moisturize and protect your sensitive skin. You know very well that it's not about beauty but about your general well-being. Beware of sun exposure as well as sources of heat.

By the end of the week accumulated fatigue may weaken your immune system. Be alert and take care of your hygiene to avoid infections.