Leo Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


You live surrounded by people and it’s impossible that everything that happens in your environment doesn’t affect you in any way. You’ll have to face some conflicts these days and you’ll become emotional support for someone who you love very much. You may even have to do things that you won’t agree with or won’t like. However, isn’t affection worth it?

Luckily, towards the middle of the week the sky will start clearing up and the sun will come out in your affective world.

You’ll receive surprises and lots of affection. The love you express will be rewarded and you’ll enjoy it in all its senses.

Let go of negativity, don’t carry it on your shoulders. If you feel you’re addicted to certain behaviors of sacrifice or you tend to leave your needs behind, it’s time to change.

Your life begins every day when you wake up. If you take new directions, you’ll arrive at new destinations.

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It’ll be a good week for Leos, especially for those born in the second deanery, in terms of work capacity and effort. You’ll learn to handle your finances better. Sometimes negative situations give rise to new positive habits. If you learn to take advantage of tough situations in life, your ability to face problems will improve significantly.

It seems that everything has turned against you. There’s a lot of work to be done because the alignments of some planets will lead you to trigger tension and difficulties. If possible, ask for help with your tasks. Don’t let pride take over you; it’s very positive to acknowledge your own limitations.

Pay close attention to people you’ll meet this week. They’ll help you get closer to abundance.


Everything happens for a reason. That's what this astral transit is all about.

Some of your friends are very enthusiastic about their new healthy habits. They don’t want to convince you to join them for no reason. They have noticed how much their health has improved and they know you’re not at your best. You may feel stressed and tired, which may affect you very negatively if you do nothing about it.

Your fiends want the best for you; therefore, they’re there to help you with your excessive habits. Creating new eating habits, starting to exercise constantly, giving up some addictions is not easy and it’s very good to have some support. Don't reject it.