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You’ll have a passionate week. Those born under your sign will be very sensual and ready for bedroom games. Your magnetism is at its highest point and you’ll look irresistible.

Planetary aspects don’t favor you that much every day, so take advantage of them today and surrender to love fearlessly.

Those who are currently single are about to meet that person who could change their lives.

However, it’s not all good news. Towards the mid-week you’ll be involved in some rumors and lies that you’ll wish you could stay out of. It’s a very confusing issue and could cause you trouble.

Remember that there are always some people who are envious of others’ happiness and love. The only way to make themselves feel better is to plot against you by inventing things.

Focus all your energy on your well-being, defend your truth and don’t let it affect you.

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Arguments at work will be heating up your workplace. Your colleagues will be blaming each other for unfinished tasks.

People you share your space with will be more susceptible and annoying than ever. Therefore, try to keep quiet and think twice before you say something, since you could be involved in conflicts that may put your job at stake.

If you’re able to clean up all your accounts, do so. Pay your debts, create moratoriums if necessary, and order all payments. You might get involved in some conflicts that will require all your strength, resources and skill.

You’ll be very happy to have everything ready when you find yourself in trouble. This will help you face problems without worries and solve them quickly.

Towards Friday new opportunities will come.


Leos tend to be very vital people, but they often go to extremes. Remember that health is a balance that you have to maintain with the right attitude.

No excess is good for you. It’s not a good idea to prohibit things to yourself because this way you end up frustrated when you can’t have an ice-cream or a dessert. Things that are supposedly healthy may cause you an emotional problem when they overshadow your thoughts and don’t let you enjoy life.

Finding a balance between joy, desire and health is not impossible. Seek support from a friend or family member who wants to change his or her habits for healthier ones.