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It’s time for get-togethers and reconciliations. This week you’ll have an opportunity to regain something you’ve lost in the past. Don’t make the same mistakes; otherwise, you can miss out on the opportunity life is offering you. It’s positive to make changes and you can make different ones on the gained ground.

When you let other people influence your relationship, you are left at the mercy of gossip and betrayal. You could be the one generating the sensation of loss without even noticing it. Then it’s followed by jealousy and the fear of losing your place in the heart of that person who is so special to you.

This week single Leos will have an opportunity to enjoy passionate encounters and to feel that fire they’ve been longing for.

Follow your heart and do what makes you happy.

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This week your workplace environment will be tense. Although it’s not anything serious, it’ll affect your desire and energy to perform well.

Your mind will be elsewhere and you’ll be distracted. If you are one of those who run a business together with friends or family, you must be careful not to generate conflicts or discomfort.

All these situations that you’ll have to face this week will affect your performance and attention. Therefore, you’ll have to make an extra effort to keep your work and economic life in harmony.


Planetary alignments will favor your physical energy and vitality. You’ll feel great these days although some of your sudden movements may lead you to suffer little domestic accidents.

When you’re distracted, you’re likely to miss details of what’s going on around you. Your physical and mental energy may be affected by your way of moving.

Starting your days with a short prayer or some stretching exercises and soft music may help you focus and have a better day.

Remember that the art of concentration brings multiple benefits.