Leo weekly horoscope. | Magic Horoscope


When it comes to love, the week won’t start in the best way. You may catch your partner lying and even suspect that he/she is being unfaithful to you. You’ll have to clear things out with your other half; otherwise, the trust will be gone.

You’ll reflect on whether you’re really committed to your partner and children. Are you doing everything in your power to make your family happy? Are you working on building a solid foundation? Are you helping with household chores as much as you should?

Towards the end of the week, the stars may surprise you with an unexpected pregnancy. Talk to your doctor for advice and support. Look into all the options and make a decision together with your partner.

Single Leos will fall in love with someone they shouldn’t. It’ll be a person you take your children to school together. Your crush is married; and although you have a very special connection, your story is destined to fail.

This deception will make you put up a front and become very demanding when it comes to looking for a partner.

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At the beginning of the week, you won’t feel motivated at work and you'll do your tasks slowly. Your body will be asking for rest and you’ll dream of holidays.

Towards the end of the week, your fatigue and the fact that your superior is never there and you have to take on his/her tasks will make you feel very frustrated and overwhelmed. You also need time to enjoy your family and social life to be happy, Leo. Talk to your boss before you feel completely overwhelmed.

If you have to make a purchase that involves a large sum of money, check all the details of everything that has to do with that object, device or property. You may even ask a professional (mechanic, financial advisor, etc.) for help to make sure everything is as it’s supposed to be.

The unemployed Leos will have a couple of job offers:  a temporary one for the Christmas season and a boring and repetitive one in a company. Remember, it’s better than nothing.

Before leaving home, always check that you have the keys with you. If you forget your keys inside, you may have to call a locksmith, which is very expensive.

At the weekend, avoid at all costs signing contracts or agreements and making investments. The astrological climate in your property area may lead you to scams that will have to be solved with a lawsuit.


Ahormonal imbalance or poor nutrition may cause a severe acne outbreak on the cheeks. You'll feel like you're 15 again. Go to your dermatologist and don't try to cover the rash with makeup because it’ll only make things worse.

Otherwise, you’ll be in good health, apart from occasional cough that can be relieved with an infusion of thyme.

It’s a good week to free your more mystical side and cats a spell. You can start with some exercises to develop your telekinesis or perform a Wiccan ritual.