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Things couldn’t go better for those born under the sign of Leo. Love will be magical and those Leos who have demonstrated their brightness and creativity will feel truly happy.

Joy belongs to those who never lose hope. It’s not about being lucky or the king of the Zodiac. The truth is that you know how to carry on every time your world seems to fall apart.

Single Leos are ignoring the presence of a very special person in the least expected place. This person could be your perfect match who you’d share wonderful moments with.

You’re one of the most resourceful signs of the whole Zodiac Wheel, and therefore, you’ll always find love.

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This week you’ll have to face your secret enemy, someone who doesn’t show his/her cards and plays dirty. There’s a great deal of information that is being hidden from you, which affects you negatively.

Although it may seem that there are lots of financial problems in your life, they’ll be solved thanks to the actions of various planets that will activate your material life.

Some news you’ll get from your close people, workmates or partners regarding your tasks will be very good, Leo. If you’re not afraid to take a leap forward, great future is awaiting you. You can’t expect things to change in a moment. Start planting seeds and be patient watching them grow evolving as a professional. Don’t rush anything. Learn more about new technologies and enroll in a course.


You feel very well, your vital energy is optimal and you carry out every task with strength and inner wisdom. Therefore, it’s not probable that you’ll get sick or weak.

The Sun is your regent planet and the force of its energy enlightens every moment of your life. You’re tireless, Leo, but sometimes you overdo it.  

Your desire to live and your life drive is much more powerful than you imagine. However, if you get worn out, it destabilizes the balance of your hormones. Therefore, Leos who are trying to conceive will have to rest more and follow their doctor’s recommendations to get pregnant.