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This week you’ll be more sensitive than usual. You usually don’t pay that much attention to what you’re feeling, since your vital impulse always pushes you forward, Leo.

Of all the signs you’re the one who enjoys most their self-confidence. You don’t think or worry about what others feel. You’re usually very focused on your own feelings.

Blind dates, emotions and different points of view will play the mainrole this week. Get ready for a very passionate week. Eroticism will take over you and you won’t be able to believe how lucky you are after so many days of worries that have been dragging you down.

Don't ruin it; arguing over unimportant matters isn't worth it. Remember that stubbornness is not a sign of intelligence. Yielding often brings the greatest results.

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At the beginning of this week, you’ll discover that you actually may have more enemies than you thought. It’s time to pay more attention to your outside world.

You usually think that everyone around you is your friend and give out too much information about your issues. This has played a trick on you in the past and led you to unnecessary problems.

You should restructure and reorganize all your professional matters. This way you’ll see what adjustments you need to make. It won’t be that hard to make the necessary changes thanks to your optimism and joy.

Your good mood towards the weekend will help you move forward. When you focus on your issues, the world will change for you.


You can’t be in good health if you’re constantly exhausted. A number of unhealthy habits lead you to a persistent state of discomfort. If you don’t rest enough, it affects all your body and your organism gets weaker and more prone to illnesses.

No matter how healthy you eat or how much physical exercise you do; if you don’t rest enough, you’ll never achieve your optimal health state.

Restful sleep is your best ally when it comes to your body and mind. Deep sleep helps the brain to relax and work better the next day. Sleep has the same effect on the rest of your body.

Switch off your phone and have some lime blossom tea to sleep better for at least seven hours. The results will surprise you, Leo