Leo Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


You’ll have a very ardent week. Your relationship will be full of passion. Crossing glances with each other will turn you on and make you desire to spend all day with your partner. This will turn you into a very romantic person and you’ll be eager to give your best and have a great time together.

However, life is not all that beautiful. A tense astrological tendency will bring you big problems and misunderstandings. What is worse, neither your partner nor you will be to blame. The problem lies in people around you who want to take advantage of your trust.

Towards the weekend the stars will bring Leos opportunities to create some space for dialogue and the encounter of hearts.

This week Leos should take care of people who love them and learn to appreciate their loyalty.

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The first days of the week will be perfect for signing a contract or carrying out notarial procedures. All the writings and signatures of agreements will be favored by the transit of the planet Mercury, especially for Leos born in the third deanery.

The new moon in Gemini will encourage you to start a project that you’ve been thinking about lately. As you know, life goes by and your economic needs increase as you grow older.

Towards Thursday things will get more complicated. There are people who play against you. The negative energy they spread will make you more alert to serious situations that could arise in the future if this trend continues.

Let go of your fears and think ahead while watching your back. Your desired success will depend on your willpower and your point of view on your professional matters.


Jupiter will keep benefiting Leos and you should take full advantage of it before it changes its position and blesses other signs.

You know that everything you do for the health of your heart is important because it’s your weak point. The best way to protect it is by following a healthy diet rich in fiber and low in saturated fat. If you find it hard to stick to your diet, remember that you can always go for physical exercise.

You may have a sore throat or flu symptoms at the beginning of the week.

Your body will be grateful for all the love you’ll give.