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Leo Weekly Prediction for 31 December - 6 January

Magic Horoscope's most important news for this week
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The beginning of the week will be passionate and sensual. You’ll be thinking of love and your sex life. The stars have lit the fire and you should take advantage to keep it alive. With your self-esteem higher than ever, you’ll be able to enjoy your body to the fullest.

However, such intense energy in the middle of the week will lead you to internalize your feelings, connect with yourself and assess your emotional needs. You know that passion is necessary, but you also need the love of your family and friends, as well as their company and a good conversation about your deepest feelings.

Towards the end of the week, you’ll have fun getting together with children: you could tie in with your acting skills, bring on games, theatrical performances that you’ll enjoy as much as them.

Single Leos may have a pleasant encounter with a very attractive person.

Married people will face problems with the elderly of the family and will have to be very patient.

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Hard days are awaiting Leos regarding their economy and finances.

There won’t be any money available; you’ll have to track your expenses to be able to cover the essential ones, such as monthly bills and other basic needs.

At work you’ll feel disappointed and deeply bored while going through your routinely tasks. Magic Horoscope suggests you motivate yourself by doing a short course or training.

Towards the mid-week you’ll probably have to deal with urgent paperwork, legal or contract issues and it’ll be necessary to seek advice from a lawyer, jurist or manager for a positive resolution.  


You can’t get rid of tiredness without resting. Magic formulas that you’re looking for to revive you after so much partying don’t exist.

You may suffer from some allergies and feel somewhat down because of the lack of sleep and calm in the pace of your life.

Be sensible and listen to the advice your grandmother would have given you. Sleeping and staying at home are the key to recovery.

Sleep well at the weekend, spend some quality time with your family; and the vitality and positive energy that characterize you will come back.