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If you're married, you'll have a few ups and downs. You feel your partner ignores you and doesn’t listen to you when you ask for something. You don’t feel pleased; there is no echo to your words. It’s difficult for you because you feel lonely deep inside.

Try not to take this situation as something offensive. You feel that your partner doesn’t love you anymore, but it’s not like that. It’s an astrological influence that will soon go away, causing some changes and new structures in your relationship. You’ll have to appeal to different ways of expressing your feelings, a normal dialogue may not be enough this time.

Beware of jealousy as it can be exaggerated.

Towards Friday passion and sexual desire will increase for those born under this sign.

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This will be a promising week for Leos. The Sun from the opposite sign will illuminate and help you perform well in the professional world.

Much of what happens this week will have a great influence on what lies in the future. People you know may see some of your ideas as promising and supportive. Take advantage of the situation, Leo.

New business visions will be coming up over the weekend. You’ll discover new and eco-friendly techniques and materials.

This week's lucky numbers are 78 and 32 among others. Both will direct you towards fortune.


You haven’t been resting enough lately and it has affected your health. Neck and lumbar vertebrae contractures will cause you great discomfort throughout the week.

On the other hand, the influence of Jupiter will lead you to some excesses this week. You’ll sleep too little or too much. You’ll eat too little or too much and badly. You’ll drink too much on the weekend and all this will affect your liver.

If your liver function deteriorates, you’ll feel more tired than usual and you may perform worse in terms of intellectual activity.

Don't succumb to the temptation, try to regulate and discipline your daily routines, at least when you have to work. If you give yourself too much permission, you could suffer the consequences when least expected.