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Attacking without thinking won't help. The week will start with discussions and misunderstandings that you will have to resolve in order to calm your heart. If you try to be right at all costs, you’ll spoil your relationship with the person you love. The stars suggest that you forget about the conflict because it isn’t really important.

In the middle of the week you’ll come across a past love. Remember that your life has internal and external foundations that should not be altered under any circumstances. Don’t make room for situations that will spoil your mood and make you doubt your inner peace.

Towards the weekend you’ll have a chance to spend some time with very nice people who have the same interests as you and will make you feel comfortable. Don’t be lazy and get up off the couch. There’s nothing new to discover at home.

If you want to take advantage of the passion that the weekend will bring you, do yourself a favor and go out to have fun.

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Even if you feel certain stagnation regarding your material life, all your affairs are going well, thanks to the favorable planetary energies for Leos.

Imagine that all your desires are taking shape. That's what this magical moment is all about when cosmic winds favor you.

Towards the weekend you’ll face some setback that are nothing but tests to strengthen your character and improve your mood.

Ask your friends for help when you feel you can’t cope on your own. There’s nothing wrong with that.


Those born under the sign of Leo will have a pretty good week when it comes to health and vitality. Especially, of you take notice of the signs that your body will send you when it’s overloaded.

Remember that excessive eating and drinking is never healthy and it’ll be reflected in the way you feel by causing you pain in your legs and joints.

You might suffer from a sore throat, so be careful and protect it. Tension won’t help; so if you can sing, do so, since it makes you feel more relaxed and lets you improve your week by expressing joy.