Leo Weekly Horoscope for 6 - 12 May

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At the beginning of the week, you’ll see that love is possible if you get rid of the fear to be abandoned and let the joy of the present take over you.  Enjoy the little things in life every day; you’re vibrating the beauty of life with every step you take towards your growing feelings.

Leos who are in a new relationship will feel like their dream has come true. However, you’ll pay too much attention to cell phone calls, messages and social network posts. Free your mind of this tension or it’ll drive you crazy.

Love has to be free of pressure and predicament. Give it time, Leo. Don’t you know the truth deep inside you? This relationship will only last if you let it be free. Stop letting your past drag you down and don’t let negativity overload your relationship.

Smile and play; joy is the biggest treasure the love can give you.     

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This week will be a little complicated since you’ll have shortcomings and complications regarding your economy. If you focus your mind on your problems, you’ll only make them worse draining your energy and ability to look for solutions.

You’ll discover that many people who you thought were your allies will turn out to be undercover enemies. It’s quite sad and it’s natural that you’ll feel deeply disappointed. But there is no point in feeling sorrowful. Once you've worked it out, go ahead and contact people who can truly help you get ahead.

Towards the weekend you will see the way forward clearly. Don’t despair; everything will go back to normal as you meet the deadlines.


Despite the stress you are going to face this week regarding your work and economy, your health will be changing for the better. You’re about to take a different path towards your better health, taking more care of yourself and taking advantage of your energy and vitality to the fullest. It’s a good moment to incorporate healthy habits to your routine to make you feel better.

You know that when you eat healthy you feel the difference. Every step that you take towards your better health, you notice that your hair, nails and skin look better. Just imagine the transformation your inner body is going through and continue in this direction.