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It’ll be a great beginning of the week. You’ll be blessed regarding sentimental and family life.

Leo, you’re a true romantic, passion is your most common element and you shouldn’t live otherwise. Therefore, this week you should enjoy everything given thanks to the good influence of Jupiter that will illuminate you from another sign of fire.

Try to organize eating in a restaurant or meeting in a bar with your fire friends, Sagittarius and Aries. You'll see that they’ll understand your plans perfectly.

Leo, towards the end of the week you may get melancholic, you’ll realize your ego has some flaws which could damage your relationships. In exchange for this important inner work, your partner will be very affectionate and tender with you which will move you.

The starts favor single Leos to start a truly important relationship.

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The week won’t start in the best way. You’ve wasted too much money and now you feel stuck in routine and boredom.

A person who’s in deep trouble needs your help. It’ll do you good to get distracted from your life and observe raw reality that is happening close to your neighborhood.

At work the roles are shifting and it’s not positive for you. You take on tasks that you shouldn’t and this makes your mood and optimism swing.

Try to improve the communication with your colleagues and bosses to overcome this problem. Keep your timetable in mind and don’t spend more time at work than you should. You’ll see that if you have a conversation and communicate your needs, not only work conditions will get better, but also you’ll be recognized.

Leo's lucky numbers this week are: 77, 66 and 50.


Your health this week is fantastic. Therefore, you should take advantage of this optimal general state and change your habits for better health.

This week you’ll be able to dedicate some time to figure out the best gym for you to work out. You could combine it with a short detox diet which will revitalize you and make you vibrate with energy.

It’s not about making a big effort, but turning bad habits into better ones. It’s as easy as adding watercress, artichokes, parsley, cabbages, olive oil, garlic, lemons and onions to your diet. Also, try to reduce intake of alcohol, sugar, refined flours, industrial pastries, fatty meats and sausages.