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It's not rewarding to start the week dealing with toxic people, but sometimes relationships that come in your partner’s baggage can't be chosen. Mothers and brothers-in-law are not always the best thing that can happen to us. However, if you have to visit them, all you can do is take a deep breath and try to have an acceptable relationship. Don’t let them control you, but you shouldn’t be hostile either.

Naturally daily routine causes disagreements and quarrels within the couple. That’s why you should never underestimate the good moments together when you share ideas and have fun.

Leos who are single at this moment may start a new chapter of their love life on Wednesday.

Passion will take over you this weekend. Do something special for your partner.

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This week planetary energy will speed up and bring a lot of movement to Leos. It’s your lucky week. If you wish, you may take advantage of it and put an end to all your worrying and tedious matters.

The sky will favor your progress and you’re about to celebrate your achievements.

It’ll be very important to be positive and try to communicate your needs in the best possible way. Mars will benefit your energy.

Those who are currently looking for a new job will have a wonderful opportunity to find an ideal position.

Such good vibes aren’t common on your astral map; therefore, take advantage of them to strengthen your position. Remember how important it is to prevent problems and plan ahead in order to extend your good fortune.


Resting is more important than you imagine. The lack of sleep affects your weight, hormones, mood and your ability to focus among others.

Excess sleep is not healthy either; however, you should try to sleep for at least seven hours a day in order to be in good shape.

This week sleeping enough and doing some exercise will be essential for your optimal health.