Leo Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


The week starts with the Moon in Capricorn, which will lead you to be colder and more reserved than usual. You won’t be able to appreciate what you have and will focus on what you lack instead. Meticulous details of your daily life will start bothering you and it won’t be positive for your relationship. Quite the contrary, your reproaches will lead you to more arguments and distance.

If you keep this critical attitude, your loved ones won’t be eager to spend their time with you at the beginning of the week.

Remember that your partner is a mirror and your reflection helps you see your virtues and flaws. If you ignore this reality and project your problems onto someone else, you’ll get very distant with your better half, which will lead you to sadness and dissatisfaction.  

Those Leos who are single at the moment will feel like they’re the stars of their own love movie. However, love at first sight could lead you to commit serious imprudence.

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This week will be a little tough when it comes to profits and development of your affairs. You may feel disappointed due to your stagnant matters. It would be fantastic if everything went smoothly and you got immediate answers, but certain issues take their time, especially when they involve other stakeholders.

Leos who are waiting for changes in their workplace should not get impatient.

Those Leos who have their friends or family as a work partner and are developing a business project will be favored by Jupiter, particularly those born between 2nd and 11th August.

All partnerships starting this week are very promising and may last for a long time. Good relationships will lead you to success. Rely on your affable and fun character.


Your health won’t be a problem this week. Thanks to exercise routines and some changes in your diet you’ll start to feel better.

Leos who need to take care of their cardiovascular system will have to put more effort and continue going for a walk or cycling. These activities have a variety of benefits. They help you boost your mood and strengthen your heart.