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Magic Horoscope Brings You Your Leo Future from the Stars for this Coming Friday

Horoscope Forecast for Today, Friday 29th June
Leo Daily Horoscope |



When you're in a bad mood, hugging isn't recommended. This particular gesture can put you in a bad mood in a matter of seconds, probably because you think that others feel sorry for you and that for a Leo like you is something inadmissible.

If the person who decides to make that gesture is someone close, you don't hesitate in showing them your displeasure in the worst way. Precisely because they know that it bothers you, you think that they shouldn't do it.

The truth is that the influence of this moon phase is wreaking havoc on your behavior, Leo, because you're letting the worst version of you dominate you. You don't have such a strong and unpleasant character, relax a little.


It isn't time to act as a hero and go back to work yet, Leo. Sometimes it's better to lose a day than to risk getting worse and having to lose more than a day's work.

You just have to dedicate yourself to rest at home and wait until your state of health is in optimal conditions. At this point you may start to despair a bit, but you have to do everything possible to control yourself.


As you can see today, it's a very busy day, Leo, since you're very uncomfortable and worried about the situation you're going through. To top it off, this puts you in a foul mood, and you're a bit unbearable.

Don't be surprised if at any time of the day you see that there's no one around you: you may have stamped them with your bad mood. Remember, Leo, it doesn't do any good for you to roar if no one is listening to you.

You will have to be patient and try to adapt to everything that comes to you. Maybe doing some relaxation exercises will help you. In case this isn't possible, you could try some infusions to calm down.