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Magic Horoscope Brings You Your Leo Future from the Stars for this Coming Saturday

Horoscope Forecast for Today, Saturday 9th June
Leo Daily Horoscope |



If love were shared fairly, the world would be a better place. In this case, someone like you would be with the person who you really deserve and wouldn't feel so lonely, waiting for the arrival of someone who doesn't seem to find the path that leads to you.

However, reality doesn't exactly fit this claim and it's for this reason that you must be the one to leave and launch yourself in search of what you so desire. If you want to go for someone, throw yourself without looking back and without thinking about opportunities issues.

Maybe once you get to your destination you will be surprised to discover that the person you were waiting for was in the same situation as you.

You have many chances to receive a positive response today, Leo.



Having a job that really matches your abilities will be an idea that will go through your head for much of today's journey. You aren't willing to be anyone's second, you are sure that you have more than enough skills to occupy another position.

That desire to take on great challenges, to bring up your most competitive side and overcome and of course, the dream of being able to choose, in the medium term future of all those luxuries that you want to allow yourself, will be your main motivations.

You may suddenly decide to go to the office -or communicate via email- of your boss or superior and propose a promotion or, instead, consider the possibility of a transfer to another department or sector in which you have more options to evolve as a professional.

If you feel that momentum during your workday today, don't repress it Leo: both in love and in the workplace, this Saturday you have the support of the stars to receive positive responses in both cases.


You urgently need a book of instructions to help you understand your body and why, at certain times, it reacts the way it does. Suddenly you fail when you are better and today a gastrointestinal problem may prevent you from having a quiet and normal day.

Although the most likely thing is that it doesn't prevent you from fulfilling your obligations well, you will have to change your diet and check some foods that you have taken: maybe, some of them weren't in good condition.