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Magic Horoscope Brings You the Latest Leo Prediction for this Coming Monday 26th March

Read Your Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, Monday
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The main motivation of Leo that are in a relationship –or even, starting to get to know someone– during this week will be to improve their love relationship. You are willing to do something different and to bring out your most altruistic and dedicated side.

If you want to establish a better way of communicating with your partner, you will have to change some action guidelines that you already have established. If on the contrary you want to make clear your interests or your feelings to a person you have recently met, you should remember that the important things are said to the face and not through messages.


Good deeds have never been something that can be said to move your world, but from time to time you commit to certain causes. If you can, don't hesitate to give money to NGOs, a gesture that you have already made on some occasion, like signing manifestos or expressing your support for a cause.

Today you will have the opportunity to participate more actively in a good deed, they will offer you the possibility of doing good and you may feel motivated to support their initiatives.

If you really believe that you can actively collaborate, go for it. The reward at the interior level can be big.


There are Leos who lately don't deprive themselves of anything and that begins to be noticed. The extra kilos can become a real problem for them, because if there is something that undermines the self-esteem of people born under this sign is that their physical appearance doesn't match their expectations.

No excesses and, especially, don't lose sight of the emotional balance, these will be the first two objectives you must achieve. From there, you can go back to fly again and go back to doing physical exercise or even follow some diet to lose weight.