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That fear of being single for life isn't justified. The idea of aging in solitude causes you a very big fear and it gives you more problems than anything else. It's this fear that leads you to be with someone although a priori you consider that it may not be appropriate.

It's your way of "covering your back" in case that person that you can consider your better half doesn't appear. The true stories of love aren't stories of convenience, that kind of unions already happened in the past.

If you continue down this path you may never realize what that person really means to you, whether positive or negative. In this situation it's better to deal with your fears and wait for true love to appear.



You will be the person they are looking for explanations. You will inevitably become responsible for all the things that go wrong and you should: you may have been too selfish and with your expenses are putting at risk the family economy.

To assume this role, you won't like anything and it can cause you a strong stress, more when it's not your real fault. However, you will try to hide your bad temper and put the best of your faces when you have to justify yourself, even if you do it in an improvised way and with little credible excuses.


Natural remedies can be very useful to treat some kind of temporary ailment, but they aren't the definitive solution you need. In any case, today you will dedicate yourself to finding a way to alleviate that discomfort you feel, probably a headache that puts you in check throughout the day.

Maybe behind these symptoms you hide the need to talk to someone who is making you feel bad, causing pain and leaving all your defenses on the floor. Maybe this is the remedy for your misfortunes that you are looking for. In any case, it will be the most natural that you can find.