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The bad thing about people for who control and being in the limelight are two things really important is that more often than what they'd like to, Leos feel they have to deal with disappointment and frustration. 

This, depending on the kind of Leo you are, can generate serious existential problems. You don't like your partner's attacks and even less if they come from someone that you've just met. 

You'd prefer for them to be less sincere and that they fill you up with praises, that is where you really feel comfortable. To make matters worse, if these attacks come after you have spent some time finding a way of surprising them, you'll end up feeling like the saddest lion in the Savannah. 


Having a Leo among the members of the staff of a company is synonymous of a winning bet. If you don't have a job, today you can receive a call from a business that will make you an interesting offer.

It can also be something closer, perhaps a friend who needs help with their new business or with a project and has decided to turn to you.

Good reviews and many letters of recommendation precede you, your presentation when applying for a job involves a deployment typical of any Broadway musical. In the end, everything has its time.


You understand perfectly what you have to do to be fit, Leo, so don't come up with any excuses that only fool yourself and make things worse for yourself.

A moderate activity and leaving behind that binge eating is the key, and this is something that you repeat yourself with some frustration and apathy. What is happening to your willpower?

Anyone would say that this attitude is typical of the king of the zodiac. Everything that is created in record time has no lasting effects and you are seeing it for yourself.