Leo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Being in the eye of the storm is not something you want to avoid. It's actually the opposite and you could even say that you are looking for this situation. In love, you don't conceive a relationship deprived of passion or intensity.

In fact, the truth is that you prefer being alone to having a relationship that seems monotonous and boring. The position of the stars regarding your sign indicates that the time has come to take action on the matter, to demand that some of your requirements are fulfilled. Otherwise, you will feel trapped in that kind of life that you don't want to live.


You can't avoid it: everything extravagant and colorful catches your attention, although it's true that only Leos who have that point of daring are able to externalize that attraction they feel.

Dreaming about having certain clothes, jewelry, accessories or vehicles is one of your secret passions. If it depended on you, all your capital would go to these things. Today your eyes may discover that spectacular suit with which you would feel at the height of any famous Hollywood actor.

However, it's only a temporary impulse and over time you won't be able to assume this amount of money. Today you will have to pour out all your efforts to relax your cravings for consumption.


The shape of your body has always conditioned the level of your self-esteem. Having those abdominals marked is something very important that only you understand. But this detail is not only an indication of good health, there are other signs that can help you to know if you are going or not on the right track.

Showing that typical "beer belly" or those "love handles" doesn't mean you're sick, but that you're simply paying more attention to other parts of your body or mind that, right now, are more important to you.